Project Space-Gulp

I decided to "draw the attention" to the actual physical, architectural space that would normally play the role of passive container.
The quality of the space itself, being a very small, low ceiling room, had all the qualities to facilitate the intervention I had in mind.I, then,choose to paint black lines on the edges of the walls. The idea is to turn a real space into a drawing or an AutoCAD version of the space,creating a simulacrum of the room.
This piece is called Gulp and it is made of 8mm black acrylic lines painted on the walls.The sometimes hand made quality of the lines (due to the imperfection of the plasterwork ) concur to give to the space a cartoon like quality ,a humorous edge, inviting the audience to question the authenticity of the materials and the environment surrounding them.
Alongside with this site specific intervention I planned a performance Prefiche.The video documentation has been edited and is going to be on show in my next exhibition in Glasgow.

© Francesca Nobilucci 2014