WORKS 09-11

Educating Rita
Collaborative exhibition with Derek Sutherland at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop

Stairway to Heaven (2011) and Tough Decisions (2011)

Justification for Higher Education (2011)


Staiwell to Heaven (2012)

Though Decision (2011)

St Morits club (2011)

Still from video
Mr Trippy, feed them hemp ice cream (2011)

Our complex 
An exhibition and event as part of the Summer Programme at Generator Projects Dundee, July 2011 curated by Shona Macnaughton​/generatorprojects#1634012​/Summer-Programme-2011.
An installation featuring work by Peter Amoore, Scott Laverie, Ailsa Lochhead, Shona Macnaughton, Francesca Nobilucci, Helmut Smits. Performance by Gordon Macnaughton.
Photography by Stephen McGarry

installation shot

Perplex (2009) Perspex replica of a John Lewis acrylic file

Invisible touch II (2011) reception desk, dummy laptop and Faux Pas (2009) print on canvas 90 cm x90 cm

Invisible Touch II (2011) reception desk plywood, mdf and dummy laptop

Faux Pas (2009) print on canvas of an artificial orchid 90 cm x90 cm

Group Exhibition at the Craigcrook Castle, at the Demarco Fundation, Edinburgh July 2011

LSD aka Libra Solidus Denarius (2011)
vinyl text on glass 

Sussudio,  an exhibition with artist Katie Orton and an hypertext by John Beagles (aka Derek Blades)
Patriothall Gallery, Edinburgh
16-29 October 2010
Photography Stephen Mcgarry

front room

back room

The Untitles (2010) dummy books, silver card and cardboard

Invisible touch (2010) Installation. Dummy laptop, reception desk, flower and vase

Back in 5 (2010) Hand engraved limestone slab

UGGly boot (2010) air drying clay terracotta colour, black plinth

False Steps, exhibition at WASPS 77 Hanson Street Project Space, Glasgow
15-28 March 2010
Photography Stephen Mcgarry

Demodè (2010) and Invention of Tradition (2009)

Demodè (2010) wood and prints on canvases

Invention of Tradition (2009) tarpaulin, fabric and leather

UGGly boot (2010) air-drying terracotta 

Detail of UGGly boot (2010)

No Light Matter (2010) handmade paper mixed with fake 10 pounds note

Hand-Made (2010) Duration: 1 min and 20 sec playing every hour.
Site specific sound installation in the Cafè area of 77 Hanson Street, Glasgow for the duration of the exhibition False Steps

The track is the recording of an applause created layering myself clapping repeatedly from different positions of the room

Download Hand-Made mp3 here

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